Inspired by History

The painting on the right is by Piero della Francesca. It is a portrait of a soldier and his wife done in 1474. I saw it in an art history book one day and thought it would be a riot to do a version of it using my toddler twins (lower right). I gave it to my wife for mothers day.


11 responses to “Inspired by History

  1. Jeffrey,This is priceless! …great idea and so well rendered. Love that you put the little car on your son’s shirt…all the better. 😉 I just ‘found’ you after seeing your painting in the new “Art Collector” magazine……the little girl with palette. I think it’s called “The good apprentice.” I then googled you and came up with your web page and blog.You are so talented!….continued success to you .sincerely,Kay Crain

  2. I saw this painting last night and was overwhelmed by the sheer creativity of your mind!!!!!!!! It is fabulous… are all your other paintings!

  3. wow, your babies aren’t babies any more! you have done some fantastic work! my little family has enjoyed all of it…but I especially loved this idea…and way to go, giving it to the mother of the darlings! we were sorry to see that we just missed one of your shows, since we only live a few blocks away. keep doing work you love, so you won’t get bored, and we’ll get to see more for years to come!

  4. Jeff, you rock man, I mean you are really hitting it. Your paint quality, your approach to the market, the school you guys are running, bravo. I would be pleased to meet you guys next year when I am touring though your direction. Keep going you are makin’ it buddy!

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