What else can I do?

I’ve spent almost the last two months working on paintings for the US Artists show coming up on October 19th. A lot of people will see my work for the first time so naturally I’m a little nervous. I look at my body of work and think to myself, “I’ve seen the tricks to making paintings that sell. It would be so easy to pull peoples heart strings a little. People would buy like crazy”, and yet I continue to do what I do. Success or no success, I’ve done my best. What else can I do?


One response to “What else can I do?

  1. I am a silent admirer of your work and I am particularly interested in your work and style, especially the one you titled ” faith ” on your website. I am pleased youe work has some spiritual connections. As an arist too,please, what is it that makes works sell, cos it seems you have it cracked and I don’t? Is it the compositions or the content?

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