"Mob" Character Direction

One of the difficult things about doing multifigural paintings is composing the figures so that they are aesthetically pleasing, relate well with one another spatially and conceptually, and best tell the desired story.
Here I have laid in the figure’s heads in color. This is the stage where I can really see if they work well with one another. I think I need to add a couple more figures to give more depth and to show more of a ‘mob’ feeling. I’ve added a few strokes next to the man with the gun over his head where I plan to add one of them. I think the other will be around the inside of the same man’s elbow.


2 responses to “"Mob" Character Direction

  1. These are great! thanks for posting the process. Can you tell a little about how you work? I see you have dummies which really help with posing and clothing. What do you do for the faces? Do you hire models? How do you work out the lighting? It seems you know exactly where the reflected light is coming from and how much to use. Also the use of warm and cool color notes are outstanding. Just awesome work!!! WOW

  2. Making figures work in the “space” you have created for them demands a lot of homework. Fellow figure composer Nora Othic hammers out action in her giant rural pastels. It is the choreography of your vision that I appreciate.

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