Over the Hump

This is where a painting gets exciting. I’m over the hump and starting to get some things close to finished but much of it has still hardly been touched. I’m starting to see its potential at this stage. Usually I like a painting best at this stage, not because it looks best here, but because I haven’t been around it long enough to be sick of it yet and enough of it is finished to really begin to appreciate it.

After I brought the two front characters to a fair level of completion. I began to see that I was going to have some very boring negative space between them. This is the problem with painting large. In a sketch even the smallest, most insignificant negative spaces can become big problems. This space was really becoming an area of concern for me till one morning I woke up with the image of and angry dog between the men. I was relieved to have found a solution to say the least. I then invited a friend and her dog to my studio to get some pictures (not just any dog, but one that fit the characteristics of the dog in my mind) . Of course I couldn’t get the dog to do what I wanted but with the pictures and an animal anatomy book I was able to come up with the above sketch, which I will work from in the painting. As you can see below, I then drew him in white (so I can see him against the dark clothing of the man behind him) and began to lay in some fur patterns. Monday I will go into some detail if the paint is dry. It often seems that I get the best results when I’m forced to solve problems like this. This dog will really help reinforce the mood of the painting as well.


One response to “Over the Hump

  1. Hi Jeff, glad to see you have a blog now! Your work is awe-inspiring to say the least, thanks for sharing a bit of the process. Tremendous painting, man!

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