Oct. 28 Demonstration Conclusion

Here is a picture of the finished product for the October portrait demonstration. I had fun. I’m going to try and mix it up in the future. December 2, 06 will be a nude figure demo, and maybe a workshop after that. We’ll see. Keep tabs on my portfolio website for info on this stuff.


Oct. 28, 06 Demonstration

Here are some pics (courtesy of Jesse Draper) of last Saturdays head painting demo, held at my studio in Salt Lake City. Thanks to everyone who came. I hope it was of value to you. I think it went really well. I only shook a little and I don’t think I offended anyone too badly.
‘The robot stage’- I was tempted to call it done here, but I kept going for my students’ sakes.Here is a shot of me getting Jiggy-with-it.

They are always so interested when I’m getting Jiggy-with-it.
After about 6 hours it was done. Cut me some slack, there were a lot of questions (Joann).

The mob is finished!

Well, here it is- the finished product. I probably should have posted a few more stages but I got some momentum going and kept forgetting to shoot it along the way. I think I posted plenty to give you an idea of how I work though.