The mob is finished!

Well, here it is- the finished product. I probably should have posted a few more stages but I got some momentum going and kept forgetting to shoot it along the way. I think I posted plenty to give you an idea of how I work though.


7 responses to “The mob is finished!

  1. Oh man Jeff! Breathtaking! You’ve got some major skills and what a blessing! Tremendous job my friend. I really do wish I lived closer so I could attend a workshop or come by your studio. 🙂

  2. I saw your mob painting at the Springville Museum and had to look you up. I couldn’t take my eyes off it. The expression on the lead mobster’s face is captivating, haunting even. The dog is classic, ups the intensity immeasurably. My general response: It’s as good as anything the old masters did.

  3. My brother in law (Dave J) told me about your paintings. I like to do artwork myself but you are amazing. He told me about the painting of the “Mob”. It is very good. I hope to see the real thing. Where can it be seen? Wow you are good!

  4. excellent painting. you understand posing and managing multiple relationships very well. I’m starting down this path and will be doing local histories for my thesis work at the San Fran Academy of Art University. Your religious narratives are well honed to communicate the emotional/historical significance of the subject of the scene as well. Regarding the Altering of Presence, my imagination puts them outside somewhere, but the painting puts them in a room?

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