07's big distraction

Ah, It’s been several months now since the completion of of 2007’s big distraction- my new studio.
I purchased a commercial building in Salt Lake City, last August. It might have been as simple as moving in after closing if I wasn’t such a perfectionist. My first reaction to the building was suspicion that it was designed 100 years ago by someone who somehow anticipated my arrival. It was that perfect, functionally. My second reaction was that I couldn’t work in a building so hideously decorated. 🙂 Actually the project was a lot more than just decorating. It involved demolition, framing, drywalling, plumbing, electrical, lighting, finished carpentry, a lot of painting, installing cabinets, window/skylight coverings… I ended up doing all of the construction myself with the exception of plumbing, electrical and painting, due to the lack of contractor availability at the time. It’s OK though because “if you want something done right…”. So, after a month of 12-16 days (plus odds and ends for the next couple of months) then moving in the boat load of “art supplies” from my old studio, here it is. This year I’m just going to paint. 🙂 Oh wait, I’ve got a documentary to do this year. OK, next year I’ll just paint.

Below is the painting area. The etching press and work area are in right corner. The office/lounge is above, through the balcony. There is a small kitchen through the door to the left.
My classroom is through the brown double doors in the center. Ive got a large (8’x12′) skylight above with a custom blackout shade I designed so I can control the light. Ive done the same with the side windows (left).

This is my office/lounge. I don’t spend as much time up here but I wish I did. It is very comfortable.

This balcony in the office overlooks the painting studio.

Stairs in kitchen lead to office

More pics of office/lounge.

Lately I’ve had film on the brain. I put together this computer system for editing film as well as the regular business stuff.

This space has been very inspiring and due to the unique lighting conditions, among other things, I have found that it has influenced the direction of my work. There has been some significant evolution this year that I am very excited about. I will be posting these new paintings after completing the work for my show in June.


10 responses to “07's big distraction

  1. This is an amazing studio! It is beatiful! It was totally worth the long year of taking the time for it. At least I think so. Wow! It really looks good!

  2. Yes it is! Where is this new studio- I never even saw the last one! I am so glad you get to do what you love- and in a very inspiring place!

  3. It looks great in the pictures, even better in person. I am just a couple of blocks from you now on Main Street. We need to do lunch sometime!

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