New Demo video

This is the trailer of the demo video of one of my painting methods pertaining to the portrait. I’m pretty happy with it. I’m especially glad I did it when I did because my process has evolved since recording it only one year ago. My next demo video will likely be quite a different approach. To me that makes this not only a instructional video but a document of a very specific time in my career, sort of a method time capsule. Click ‘order a copy’ to purchase.


10 responses to “New Demo video

  1. Hey, just went to your art exhibit through your art portfolio and saw a bunch of your work. Truly amazing!! It is fun ot know the artist behind the painting, because many people probably don’t realize what a goofball you really are:) It was great seeing you and Jen last August. My mom told me she saw you recently and she keeps me updated on how you and the fam are doing. Hopefully we can see you guys again sometime. We are hoping to make a trip home sometime toward the end of the year, after the baby is born. Tell Jen hi. Anytime you need a break from the snow (especially this winter) come on down to Florida and enjoy the sun!!Holly

  2. Hey man – I am just a few blocks from you. We need to do lunch sometime! Great blog, by the way – it’s always fun to see what you’re working on next.And I must say… what a prestigious picture of you… :)Heidi

  3. inspiring! thanks for the pics of that tremendous studio, that shows me what im working of luck in future projects!!-Cheers-francis

  4. Thanks for sending the link Jeff. That’s great that you have a video documenting your technique!It’s been awhile. Keep in touch.

  5. Fantastic- I love your comment about how you are all doing something you love to do, and that there is plenty of wall space. Never thought of it that way, but it is so true.

  6. Hey Jeff, You are indeed a inspired, creative, professional artist! I truely enjoy seeing your work and looking forward to see more. You have an eye for the beauty of art. Best wishes!

  7. This looks to be a great video. I especially like when you make a comment to the effect that there’s enough wallspace and clientèle for everyone. Exactly!

  8. When I come through our front door we have your painting duaghter of Jarius on the left an washing the Apostles feet on the right. It is amazing how comfortable they make me feel. Sometimes at night like tonight when I’m up for no reason I see His hand at work in your paintings and feel at peace. Regardless of what’s going on in the world your paintings remind me what’s important and who has the final say in this world. Thanks, Greg

  9. Jeff- Thank you so much for the DVD. I really enjoy the commentary: the questions are very good, and you are so well-spoken. It really gives a good insight into who you are as a teacher, as well as a painter. Beautiful work!

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