Art Hamptons

In July 2008 I was showcased at Art Hampton, An international vetted exhibition of contemporary and traditional Fine Art. I was represented by Wendt Gallery who also exhibited three other artists whom I have enormous respect for- Joseph Todorovitch, Casey Baugh, and Karl Dempwolf. This is a news cast that was broadcast live on a Hamptons TV station throughout NY State along with several New England States.


Monet to Picasso

June 2008 the Utah Museum of Art held an exhibition called Monet to Picasso. They brought in paintings from artist through that period from a collection back east. It was quite an exhibit and opening event. In conjunction with that show they featured 7 living utah artists. I felt quite honored to be invited and lucky that all of the more qualified artists must have been busy that weekend. It was a lot of fun.

Above is a picture of Jen and I in our dining room before the show. Our babysitter insisted on taking a picture and now I’m glad she did because Jen looked gorgeous. She wore a dress from the 20’s that night and Literally stole the limelight. It was out of control how many people showered her with compliments that night. My work only got a few compliments. She had it coming to her though.

The two above pics are my work. Is that obvious?