Fake ID (making of panel 1)

Here is little demo of one of the panels in the painting ‘Fake ID’. This is really just one approach. I find that with every painting the process is a little different. I hope it doesn’t scare you. 🙂


10 responses to “Fake ID (making of panel 1)

  1. Not scary at all, it's just amazing!I love your work, you are trulyinspiring. You bring this "old & new" quality to the world.-Pierre

  2. brilliant work. Thanks for posting a peek at your process. I’m curious- were you working totally from life? if so, do you work on a piece like this over a couple of days?and congrats on the beginning of Bridge!

  3. I am a great admirer of your work, and I am so excited that you have a blog. Thank you so much for sharing your process.

  4. While it is true that one can start anywhere on a face, the eyes and nose have always been my starting place. I see you do that as well. The progression you present is exquisite.

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