Drawing lately

I’ve been doing a lot of drawing lately. I’m brainstorming for painting subjects¬† and having fun trying different mediums in the meen time. Here is an example of one in Conte crayon. david-sleeping


2 responses to “Drawing lately

  1. Dear Mr. Hein,

    Your work is so incredibly inspiring. No doubt, you are showered with compliments on a daily basis and I don’t really posess the vocabulary to describe my feelings regarding your brilliance so I’ll get right to the point. My husband and I, both artists, bought your DVD. I’ve been struggling for years, making headway to only retreat back to fear, insecurity and doubt. Your method is beyond mind boggling and so helpful and inspiring. And the question and answer voice over was as instructive as the demonstration! I just hit a wall and after seeing your DVD, I am so inspired. My problems were addressed with every step and every time your brush touched the canvas. Thank you! Will you be publishing a book with your work any time soon? Thank you so much. Best, Suzanne

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