First Crack

Ok, Here are my first few studies of an elephant.  One thing I am always reminded of, when doing stuff like this, is that what I learn from the experience goes so much deeper than what is revealed in the sketch.


Art Calender

This month (June 2009), I and the Hein Academy of Art were written up in Art Calender. The article is titled “Rethinking the Atelier”. I also had the privilege of having one of my pieces chosen for the front cover.

art calender cover

Sketching Elephants: Renaissance Project

I spent a few hours sketching elephants at the zoo yesterday. It’s a challenge studying a moving object but I am learning a lot  and beginning to understand their anatomy a bit. Hopefully I will be able to get close to an elephant before I begin painting so that I can move with the elephant and get sufficient time studying specific details. Yesterday, I would draw two or three lines in for the head then look up from my paper to find the elephants butt square in my view.

I am not aware of  any paintings of elephants done in the 16th century, but the subject of this piece was one I wanted to paint long before the birth of this project. I think that it’s a good fit for this project partly because it involved a large animal and, in my opinion, it actually presents more problems than a subject involving a safe domesticated animal like a horse (a common renaissance subject).

The Renaissance Project

I have begun “The Renaissance Project”. To learn more about it click on the link on the right side of the page. I built a very simple oil press in order to test a key piece that I designed (the metal portion below).  This piece will be part of a larger,  more efficient press that I also designed (below). press sketchWe (my assistant Morgan and I) were able to produce about two tablespoons of walnut oil.  Now that we know it works I will begin building the more sophisticated press.

cranking press

crushing nuts

touching oil

Outside the Box

I designed and made this box for a friend who used it to propose to his girlfreind. It is 2″ x 2″ and made of zebra wood and purple heart. In the front is a lock made of all internal wood parts. When turned a quarter turn the lock moves a piston up into the top of the box to secure it. The ring was placed around the square wood peg in the middle. It was nice to throw some wood shavings around like I used to.


box open

box apart