This is a good friend who picked up and moved to San Fran, with her family, days after I finished this painting (weep weep).  I’m glad she took the time to sit. Thanks Liz. We miss you guys.



"Mead", Comments on Working From Life

This is a portrait of a sixteen year old girl named Mead. Ya, like the title. One of the pleasures of working from life everyday is that I get to know so many people. Every person I paint is so interesting and unique. Mead was no exception. Also, when I look at a drawing or painting that was done from life I feel that there is an added level of truth and honestly to it. It is the sum of numberless variations in position and expression rather than a stiff reproduction of a single moment caught by a camera…

Mead had a really hard time holding still.  It seemed as though she would forget she was posing and she complained that posing hurt. 🙂 I am grateful she stuck it out.

mead drawing

mead drawing detail


I haven’t been showing a lot of paintings because I am preparing for a solo show in September 2010. This one wont be in the show so I thought I’d show you all that I’m still working.

I’ve included a detail to show the paint quality I’ve been experimenting with. I guess ‘experimenting’ goes without saying.


bonnie detail