"I Got Mine" short film

This, my first film, is a metaphor for societal/political  apathy,  particularly as it relates to debate on issues such as health care reform . It does not reflect any political position but is meant to provoke personal reflection and to ask the questions- Are our social/political views based on the good of society or “number 1”?

I have much to learn about film making but it did turn out pretty much as I had hoped.  Check it out below.

“I Got Mine” from jeff hein on Vimeo.

The film may take a second to load.


Special Art Event

I am excited to announce a very special art event at my studio in Salt Lake City.

This event will take place on Friday March 12th beginning at 6pm and is open to the public at no charge.
I will be doing a charcoal drawing demonstration from 6-7 pm followed by an unveiling of my most ambitious painting to date, “Consumed” (above), which I have been working on for the past 6 months. It is part of the  traveling art exhibition, “Hard Times”.

At 7:45 and 8:30 there will be a screening of my first short film “Apathy”.

I will also be showing drawings and sketches that I have done over the past year.

Last but certainly not least I will be showing the student work  of the Hein Academy of Art.
They have worked very hard to prepare and have done some  impressive work.  We will all be there to answer questions about the Academy as well.

If you are interested in art, film or the Hein Academy please come to this event.  We will have a great time!

The Band “St. Bohe’me” will also be playing live throughout the night.

Art show and Event

Hein Studio and Hein Academy of Art

Friday, March 12 from 6-9:30

16w 700s

Salt Lake City