No Longer Consumed with "Consumed"

At the end of September 2009 I began what would be the most exhausting painting of my career. It all began with an invitation from Curator Tracy Feldsted to be part of the traveling exhibition “Hard times”. Her request was to paint a painting that depicted the theme of the show, which goes without saying. The recession of 2008-9 was, of course, the inspiration for the show. After over a year of listening to the endless news people, economists, and other “professionals” comment on what they believed the cause of this recession to be I was more than interested in adding my two cents. “Consumed” became more than just a painting to me.  It was 6 months of venting about what I think are the true causes of this recession- greed, materialism, and entitlement. I am grateful to be done and have moved on to happier topics for my own sanity. Consumed showed In McCarthy Gallery(Park City) and Springville Museum (Springville, Utah). I later entered it into The Spring Salon, an annual statewide show at the Springville Museum of which it won First Place. The “Hard Times” was written up In Fine Art Connoisseur, American Art Collector, and in local newspapers.  In “Hard Times” I had the honor to show with some of the artists who I have admired over the years such as Steven Asseal and Burton Silverman to name a few.

“Consumed” is oil on canvas, 96″x 72″


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