Author 2011

Indian Yellow Has there ever been a more beautifully divine color?  Its sumptuous delicious richness creates the most delectable greens.  I am probably a tad biased, as I realize I am infatuated with its translucent gooey warmth,  but you see I fell completely in love with its golden hues after a conversation with Jeff Hein last March while I was visiting his Academy for a drawing workshop in Salt Lake City, Utah.  It was a simple conversation about transparent and opaque paints, amidst charcoal drawing sessions and smudged fingertips, that I then flew home and my work leapt forward by large mastiff sized  leaps and bounds.  Indian Yellow was to become my guilty pleasure and my must have new addition to my palette. Sweet as honey.

Introductions would be best: my name is Sarah Hessinger, I will be your blogger for this evening, and for quite a bit longer then that, as I will be authoring this blog for Jeff Hein and the Hein Academy in Salt Lake City, Utah.  I am an emerging artist with a passion for oil painting. My current work tends to be autobiographical in nature, and I am insatiably interested in the conversation of the subconscious with the conscious mind, and the balance or juxtapositions within the inner self.  I received my BFA from CSULB and have taught private art lessons to children and teens and private art mentoring to many students over the years.  I am represented by Rive Gauche Gallery in Scottsdale, Az, and have been creating art full time the last 5 years in my studio in Arizona till my recent relocation to Utah to study under Jeff Hein.

I am an eternal student of Art and for that matter, Life.   No matter  how much I learn or think I know at the time, there is always another path leading to another hill, another valley to meander thru and then climb back out of.  I hope you will walk, skip, trip, or stroll with me along the way, its bound to be a delightful trip.

~Sarah Hessinger


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