A Peek into The Hein Academy

Jeff has just recently finished editing a quick trailer for the Hein Academy.  Its a fun little video that shows a little bit of the day to day life within the studio.  From weekly night classes, to the full time students, occasional art historians that give lectures, workshops, outdoor plein air painting field trips, this is a slice of all of the diversity of the studio, the students, and most of all Jeff Hein’s dedication to his process.   If you watch closely you will see Jeff making his own oil,  the dying and sewing of costumes,  live model work, the building of stages, reference sculpture making and other tools that were all  needed to create his paintings to his high standards.  Enjoy, Ciao and have a great weekend!



2 responses to “A Peek into The Hein Academy

  1. As a full-time student at the Hein Academy words cannot express the value of the Hein process in producing immediate exactness in my artwork. The curriculum is challenging to say the least. However, the opportunity to participate with an artist the caliber of Jeff Hein as he goes about the daily tasks of producing, not just his art, but his livelihood, is extraordinary. It is an education that cannot be gained at any university that I know of. I should add, I’m a product of a University Fine Art Program. A period of artistic growth that I do not regret nor take lightly, but my short time at the Hein Academy has filled in all the blanks, and takes my work to beforehand unachievable heights.
    The only thing as good as interacting with Jeff regularly is the daily association with my fellow students. It is a complete immersion in fine art at the highest level.

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