Widening the Triangle's Base

Jeff staring the process of changing his painting in progress

 Jeff was working on his multi-figure painting today.    The focus of today’s work was him contemplating compositions changes in how the three figures were lined up.  Jeff  decided that the triangle they created needed a larger base to end up a stronger composition and final painting.  (Below, you can see the child on the left has been moved over an inch or so, and her head and proportions made larger.)

He had his two assistants create a grid that was proportionate to how large he needed the children’s heads to be, to be the right proportions for the final composition.  He  then measured out how large the main adult figure was to be,  using measurements from his own head and waist and that of another student, Mark, to get an approximation of some realistic male body frame measurements.  He was essentially configuring  how tall he wanted to make him in a balance of creative licence vs reality.

He ended up making both children larger all around, elongating the adult figure,  and widening the triangle composition of the three faces to create a more balanced and stronger painting.  He ended the days work as he  started to repaint and essentially “redraw” the two children’s faces  over the old drawing and base painting he had previously had there.


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