Welcoming Discovery

Jeff Hein was working on his multi figure painting and  I found out that he has decided to not add the other children into his painting, and is going back to his original composition and vision. He was resolving one of the original children’s faces today.  In  talking to him about his decision, and how he plans out his painting compositions,  Jeff was telling me that a lot of the time he will do small quick sketches initially, to get the basic composition in pencil, showing light  and dark areas in the  composition.

There are many ways that other artists throughout history have gone about creating their paintings and preparing for the compositions. Some artists will plan out every detail of a composition in small miniature versions of the larger painting,  in full color studies.  Their reasons are that it saves on time, paint, and mistakes later on.  Other artists such as Velázquez, prefer to jump in per say,  with little or no planning out, and they cherish the discovery, creating in the moment, problem solving of the process.  Velázquez would add on sections of new canvas, sewing them on with a cloth support behind the linen, as his compositional needs demanded.

Jeff,  is one of the later, in that he likes the surprises that present themselves, and the opportunities as they come, to work out during the painting process.  He feels if he were to do a complete full color study of his work, it would loose a lot of the pleasure of discovery and experimentation.

I would  liken it to driving automatic vs  manual, or better yet, driving with a GPS to an unknown location, versus getting in the car,  rolling the windows down,  hand out of the window to feel the air currents and driving down unknown roads to see whats on the other side of that hill.  Either way gets you to where you are wanting to go, just depends on your focus and intent of the journey.


One response to “Welcoming Discovery

  1. Yes, I agree with Jeff! There is something very sweet about
    discovery and surprise as a painting evolves.

    Hmmmmmmm. Once I cut off part of a canvas, and truly, I want it back! Cutting was a bad impulse. Think I will sew it back on!!

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