It’s a Jungle in Here.

 We traveled down to the Amazon in South America today… Well, at least it felt that way.

 I am excited to see the next stage in his painting progress, as Jeff Hein had many different types of tropical plants and several good-sized trees delivered to his studio today.  These plants will be part of the  multi-figure painting, that Jeff has been working on.  They were delivered by the wonderful people of  Paradise Palm (,  who had great customer service, and gave us detailed instructions on care and maintenance for each plant.  They should be very happy  and flourish under the studio skylights.

Jeff  was busy for the rest of the day, procuring the necessary pots, and rearranging the plants in the space for the right lighting, along with a model “stand-in”.  Jenna, one of the assistants,  re-potted several of the plants to stabilize them and keep them happy for the future.

Jeff Hein will be drawing and painting these plants from life for his painting in progress. It should be exciting to see, and I am looking forward to sharing the process with you all. Have a great evening!


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