Creating Mannequins

What an art filled  day!  Several fun things were happening in the studio today, of which I will share over the next couple of days with each its own post. For Jeff Hein’s multi-figure painting, Morgan and Jenna,  his assistants,  were set with the task of building mannequins of the little girls today. They were challenged,  in that they needed each little “body” to have a natural shape to it, and the “spine” to have the correct curvature. Duct tape, costume scraps, rope, scarves, pillows,  socks and other misc clothing bits was made to sculpt and build up the body so that the dresses would fit them properly in a realistic way. Jeff would then use these stand-ins to paint the clothing details and folds for his painting in progress.  They were still working on filling out the shapes of each of them, and toying with the idea of creating a way to have the arms on one of the mannequins lay down  in the position that Jeff is needing,  when I left the studio for the day.   Looking forward to the morrow, Ciao!


2 responses to “Creating Mannequins

  1. Thanks so much for this wonderful blog. I so very much want to come out and study with all of you. I enjoy the posts so much 🙂


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