Beginning the Background from Life

Continuing on with Jeff Hein’s multi-figure painting, he was focusing  on the background today.  I had the pleasure of watching him paint for a while, and really enjoyed seeing his process up close.   With the tropical plants all around the studio, and the light coming in from the skylight in a soft glow, Jeff was using them for inspiration and brainstorming. He was painting fast broad paint strokes, not too concerned with color at this point, but mainly going for a pattern of light and dark, and creating a sense of the environment in these early stages. Amidst this process half way, Jeff would stand back and sit with the painting a bit.  He had concerns at one point  of what he could use to break up the masses of green in the painting. He was telling me that the background idea that he has,  will likely change a lot as he is going from his gut on this.  Meanwhile he worked on getting a sense of how he wanted the lights and darks to look in the composition. I noticed that in the lights, Jeff would lay in broad muted colors, and then I was fascinated to see that he would add in layers of light sometimes brighter and smaller strokes even at this stage.  He mentioned that all of this would be painted over most likely, and it continues to surprise me the amount of work Jeff puts into his paintings and the layers that are involved in his work at all levels. Jeff was explaining how eventually he had plans to have the greens in the distance be cooler in temperature and the greens in the foreground be warmer to really give the composition more depth and distance in the midst of all that  green lushness of the tropical forest.  I am looking forward to seeing the rest of this develop, and until then I wish you all a wonderful evening, until tomorrow. Ciao! 


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