Jeff's Interview with American Painting Video Magazine

Jeff Hein met up with Michael Klein, artist and creator of the American Painting Video Magazine based online, in his studio today.  This site began as Michael’s project to bring together all of the artists that he admired into one place. This is Michael’s current passion, and he has already met,  recorded,  and talked to 20 some other artists of high caliber and talent. Michael started off the interview with photos and small recorded clips  of  Jeff painting on his large still life.  Michael then set up several cameras for longer periods of painting and recording and later sat down to interview with Jeff Hein.  There were many interesting points to the interview, of which I will leave to Michael to put together, however I will say a bit about what Jeff had to say about teaching his students. He told Michael that teaching is a passion of his.  When asked if he felt responsible to pass on his knowledge because of his teachers, Jeff said it was not due to feeling responsible since he was mainly self-taught, but rather  Jeff loves teaching as it allows him to share that which he felt he was lacking in his own art  education and had to learn on his own.   Jeff loves having students near him, for the conversations, the social interaction and the exchange, and how they become his portfolio in a way, and their successes are his successes.  He loves to see them thrive in their art.

Several, of the many artists Jeff Hein admires are  Jacob Collins, Jeremy Lipking, Rembrandt and Velázquez, but also interestingly, abstract color field artist, Barnett Newman.  Jeff feels that you should be able to stimulate emotion thru design without content first, and then add content and subject, that is strong art with impact.

Jeff will be a part of a group show “Hope and Fear” sometime this year hosted by the Springville Museum of Art.  It’s going to have some really amazing talent alongside him, Steven Assael among others will be apart of the show. I will be sure to post more information on it as the time comes closer and details are congealed more.

Until the morrow, good night!

link:  American Painting Video Magazine

link :  Michael Klein’s website


3 responses to “Jeff's Interview with American Painting Video Magazine

  1. Good to know, and I expect Jeff to be able to name artists who
    are of interest to him. Often when I am looking at work with the
    artist nearby, I ask that question. A very high percentage can
    not name one artist! So, that is telling…and I move on.

    Laurie Frick has an opening in LA in February…(mixed media).
    She often plays a game on FB and asks artists to name their
    favorite 15!

    • I think you bring up an interesting point on that Melany, this is about artists being a part of the larger conversation and being aware of those around them currently, and in the past. I would say I can personally at this time only name a handful of artists that move me. 10 if I am really pushing it. I will have to make an effort to expand on that I think.
      – Sarah Hessinger (blogger)

  2. One senses through these blogs that Jeff IS intereseted in his
    students…and their subsequent success. I think that is a
    rare quality…and I am speaking from experience.

    His statement about strong art with impact is good…one can take
    that to the bank!

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