Reconstructing Light and Structure

I am amazed, but I am getting ahead of myself.  Jeff Hein worked on his daughters face in his multi-figure painting today. He confessed that he was frustrated with the progress of her face last week.   Although she is an amazing model,  she is still a young child who struggles to hold still and needs lots of breaks. While she sat for Jeff, he didn’t get as much work on her face as he was hoping to, since she was wiggling about and basically doing what all kids do best, being a kid. This is where my amazement comes in… So Jeff came in today and worked on her face, completely repainting over it again without his model in front of him.  It is still unfinished, but it looks beautiful!   Jeff was telling me that if he were to paint exactly what he saw in life, it would appear more flat then he was wanting anyway. Jeff was using his memory of her and his understanding of light logic to paint everything down to the smallest detail. The picture I have of her face, the eye and cheek on the left side are more complete than the right.

Have a wonderful evening! Ciao! 


4 responses to “Reconstructing Light and Structure

  1. I often see or hear of artists saying it’s not just about copying. It’s pretty cool to think they can get even more form by using their head. What I would ask Jeff if I were there would be how much he knows how to turn the form. If you go too much, you loose the likeness and too little than it’s flat?

    • Hi Daniel,
      I will make sure to ask Jeff about this today, and see if I can get you some “meat” to chew on.
      – Sarah Hessinger (blogger)

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