Vanilla Ice Cream

I talked in length today with Jeff Hein about painting techniques, and his process with layers, and his use of a live model as being pivotal to his art and process. He was explaining to me about the luminosity that he is creating, thru layering and why it is so important for him to work from life rather than from photos. 

I feel that I am on the verge of understanding this huge whale of a topic, but I need to let it percolate a bit more, before I tackle this one in-depth.  There were a couple of light bulb moments but its an elusive thing of subtlety and wording yet for me. And then there is the issue that I am unable yet to do this in my own art.  I wanted to keep the rest of you in the loop, that there was a lot of art discussions going on, but this blogger has yet to have the  knowledge and comprehension to be able to present this to you as Peach Melba in a chilled silver dish.  All I have right now is Thrifty’s  vanilla ice cream in a Styrofoam cup. It’s still good though on a hot day…  

So! With that in mind, here is a quick update on the painting that Jeff worked on today and yesterday. Jeff started the upper dress and necklace, painting in the form and structure of the necklace loosely at first, and then working wet in to wet and resolving the forms more. I noticed that he was keeping the far side of the turquoise necklace pendant soft to help it turn more in space, while the “closer” edge was sharper.  


The face is still yet to be finished, but both sides of her face are equally resolved to the point that Jeff would need the model there for another session to make sure that he had the placement and subtleties all correct.  Have a great evening! Ciao! 



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