Looking for Happy Mistakes

I hope you are all enjoying the new website/blog! I think it looks amazing, and is a lot more user friendly. 

There have been so many dynamic changes to Jeff Hein’s multi-figure painting since last time I have blogged about it.  Jeff has been working on the cloth of all three figures, and has been adding in layers and details throughout the week. So I have been watching the evolving folds of fabric come into existence. 

 The other day, Jeff decided to brainstorm some small painting sketches for the background.  These were small quick paintings done on prepared board about 12 x 18 in size.  He had decided to do these small painting sketches, as he had not decided on his final vision of the painting. He debated over a lot of jungle vs. a lot of sky showing thru. He finally chose the idea that felt strongest to him, and decided to do a small amount of sky showing thru the thick foliage.  I really like how the light is close enough to the main figure in his painting as to break up the long white column that his robe was creating visually, I think it adds a lot of interest and visual flow with a good amount of contrast with the figures and the background. 

Jeff started with the farthest background area in broad fast strokes of paint, with the lightest areas being the thickest paint. The base for the foreground he laid in quickly, but with very expressive strokes and even more thick paint. He said he would be building up the textures in this area to give it a really gritty feel, and he was hoping for some “happy mistakes”, and how these fast brushstrokes would suggest sticks, pebbles, dirt, and then he would go back in later and refine them more if needed.  You will notice that the middle ground is not at all resolved, and he has plans to paint the plants he bought in that mid to foreground range.  I know my photo of his painting does not do it justice, but I really enjoyed seeing the depth of space created today and to  see the parts come together to start to work as a whole. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Ciao! 


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