Sunlight and Bird Song Amoung the Trees…Inside the Studio.

detail of background and foreground in progress by Jeff Hein

One of the  major additions is all of the foliage and jungle plants added along the top of the painting, and throughout most of the background, foreground and parts of the middle ground on the left side of the painting.  These were painted from life, from the plants brought in specifically for this purpose, with the skylight filtering soft sunshine from overhead.  Jeff is still deciding as to how many layers or times he will go back into these plants.  Most of them have one to two layers on them, as Jeff would painstakingly paint a stroke of dark green, and then change it by either hue or value to continue along the same small leaf.  He has not touched the ground or dirt, and you can see that the foot and arm of the two visible figures are not even started yet.  These body parts will be awaiting a live model session, as Jeff will also be going back into the faces of each of the three figures and adjust color, temperature, form, light and shadow some more. 

We piled into the car for a small field trip today to a local pet shop to find some small South American birds and finches, that Jeff Hein will be drawing and then possibly adding into his painting.  Either way, the Hein Academy now has the pleasant sweet trill of bird song in the background, along with the sunlight coming thru and the jungle trees in a corner, it makes for a very relaxing atmosphere.

A quick note to those interested…Please visit the Hein Academy blog to see a small clip of a facinating lecture and discussion by art historian Micah Christensen.





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