Behind the Scene Details

Jeff Hein has been working constantly on his multi-figure oil painting this week, and has the background and most of the foreground of the surrounding jungle completed.  The plants he was using to paint from have found new homes or places throughout the studio.    The mannequins have moved in closer again, as Jeff has been making some new additions to the attire of both of the children that help to move the eye of the viewer, and  break up the larger fields of color of their dresses.   The robe of the adult figure is nearly complete with two small areas needed to be refined.  Cast shadows have been added by overhanging branches and a sense of filtered light has seeped into the background.

Today,  Jeff had his assistant, Jenna, make a small leather purse, as part of the attire of one of the children. After Jenna hand sewed the design  he had in mind,   Jeff then lay the  purse loosely into the painting while it hung on the shoulder of one of his mannequins.  Next week, his models  will be coming back into the studio, so that he can finish up their faces, arms and some toes. Until next time, Ciao!


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