New Self Portrait by Jeff Hein

This is a new self portrait that Jeff  Hein has painted for the 9th Annual 300 Plates Fundraiser & Exhibition at Art Access in Salt Lake City.  For more information on the fundraiser, please visit their website: 


Christ in America

Well here it is. The painting Ive been working on for some time. It is titled “Christ in America”. For those of you out there that are completely puzzled by that subject you can learn a little more about my beliefs and the background of this painting at  This was an amazingly difficult and memorable experience for me. Why so difficult? – Mostly painting 2 seven year olds from life among other things. Its memorable for much the same reason. Working with these three people for so long has been a pleasure, especially my sweet daughter Ady (left). She complained alot but overall I think this was a good experience for her too. I hope you all like the painting.

Jeff Hein

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The Unveiling of Jeff Hein's Painting

The unveiling last Saturday at the personal studio of Jeff Hein, and his latest painting was met with admiration, and comments of its beauty and mastership.  It was a full house, with friends, family, collectors and admirers, enjoying the unveiling, as  you had to carefully squeeze by smiling faces and snippets of conversation and laughter to maneuver thru to Jeff’s painting on display.   I dare say one of the only places that did have room at times, was a respectful distance of a couple of feet, in front of his painting.  People seated near his painting , sat in silence contemplating and admiring, while others took pictures and discussed it up close with friends.  Jeff could be found to be deep in conversation with small groups, explaining his process and painting, or gesturing and talking to individuals throughout the night. 

This painting and its growth and process, was  7 months in the creating, for Jeff Hein.    Many times, visitors and us in the studio, would watch Jeff paint, we would often think that some of the figures in his painting were finished, only to find out surprisingly from Jeff, that to his eye, they were far from being finished and resolved.  To watch this growth over the months was a valuable learning process for both me,  Jeff’s  visitors, readers of the blog, and for the other students in the Hein Academy of Art. 

Thank you all for coming out and sharing the evening with us, it was a pleasure to have spent time with some old friends and wonderful to have met  new ones.

This coming up season of spring and summer are going to see some interesting and exciting blog entries for Jeff Hein and his paintings.  I am looking forward to it, as I know you are! Until then, have a great weekend, and ciao!