I was fortunate to win the directors award this year at the Springville Museum of Art’s annual spiritual and religious show for  my painting, “As a Hen Gathereth”.  It is on display through January 2013.  Thank you to the SMOA.

jeff hein, as a hen gathereth


2 responses to “Award!

  1. Jeff I am fairly new to your work but, as an artist, I love it!!
    Would you consider entering the BP Portrait Competition?
    I think you create the type of work they accept.
    I”am hoping to submit in the next year or so myself.
    Great work! Great guy!! (YOU)

  2. You work is amazing…..your painting of Jesus is breathtaking. I just stumbled across you via pinterest , believe it or not. As a new painter I am going to look into getting your DVD .

    Just beautiful. As soon as I looked at your painting of the swimmer, under unusual portraits, I thought of Akiane….I could see God in your work…and then visiting your blog I came across Jesus.

    In your painting, Consumed, I saw myself. My own dining room is full of paints and easel and a clutter of me. I start painting & time slips away…..

    you are so gifted.

    Thank you for touching me through your art.


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