I was fortunate to win the directors award this year at the Springville Museum of Art’s annual spiritual and religious show for  my painting, “As a Hen Gathereth”.  It is on display through January 2013.  Thank you to the SMOA.

jeff hein, as a hen gathereth


"Life #2" by Jeff Hein – Figurative Show

Jeff Hein just finished this piece, “Life #2” for the Figurative show at Waterhouse Gallery in California. It is #2 in a series.

proffesional artist, fine art, figurative painter, portrait painter, Waterhouse Gallery, Jeff Hein

“Life #2” by Jeff Hein


Art Show with Jeff Hein and the Hein Academy

Please join me at the Hein Academy of Art to view two of my latest paintings. This is the only time they will be viewable by the publicbefore being shipped out of the country. The event will start at 5:30PM and end around 10:00PM, on Friday, September 28th, 2012.

We will also be having some other exciting events

First– I (Jeff Hein) and 10 ten students will be doing portraits throughout the night for the 11 highest bidders. Portrait drawings start at 7PM, so have your bids in by then! All others are free to watch. It should be fun!

Second– We will also be raffling off drawings at 9PM!

Why we need your Help
I and 18 students from the Hein Academy of Art have planned an educational trip to New York City where we will learn from the great works of many of the masters of painting and drawing. Your Art purchase will help many of the students afford sleep accommodation and food.
I officially opened the Hein Academy of Art almost 6 years ago and in that time have met and worked with many dedicated students but in recent years the sacrifices that I have seen students making, to fulfill their dreams, has been truly inspiring. I currently have about 30 students. Among them are students who have left their homes in places as far as Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, Texas, Arizona, California and New York. They have traveled this far to dedicate there lives to serious study of art. Others have given up good Jobs, traditional education and social lives. I have seen students go without heat in the winter, unable to afford decent clothes or a winter coat, sell a car to pay bills, get buried in impossible medical bills, cram too many into tiny apartments, live on oatmeal and Raman, and survive on just a few hundred dollars per month. The list goes on and on. These are no ordinary students. They want their dreams bad and they have given up a lot to achieve them. These students are not looking for handouts. They want to earn their way and those of my students that can afford their own way want to work for those that can’t.
Come and enjoy the experience of having your portrait painted or participate in our raffle. You can help a student and get a great deal, or just come see some art and watch 11 portraits being drawn to show your support. Thank you and I hope to see you there.

New Self Portrait by Jeff Hein

This is a new self portrait that Jeff  Hein has painted for the 9th Annual 300 Plates Fundraiser & Exhibition at Art Access in Salt Lake City.  For more information on the fundraiser, please visit their website: 

The Unveiling of Jeff Hein's Painting

The unveiling last Saturday at the personal studio of Jeff Hein, and his latest painting was met with admiration, and comments of its beauty and mastership.  It was a full house, with friends, family, collectors and admirers, enjoying the unveiling, as  you had to carefully squeeze by smiling faces and snippets of conversation and laughter to maneuver thru to Jeff’s painting on display.   I dare say one of the only places that did have room at times, was a respectful distance of a couple of feet, in front of his painting.  People seated near his painting , sat in silence contemplating and admiring, while others took pictures and discussed it up close with friends.  Jeff could be found to be deep in conversation with small groups, explaining his process and painting, or gesturing and talking to individuals throughout the night. 

This painting and its growth and process, was  7 months in the creating, for Jeff Hein.    Many times, visitors and us in the studio, would watch Jeff paint, we would often think that some of the figures in his painting were finished, only to find out surprisingly from Jeff, that to his eye, they were far from being finished and resolved.  To watch this growth over the months was a valuable learning process for both me,  Jeff’s  visitors, readers of the blog, and for the other students in the Hein Academy of Art. 

Thank you all for coming out and sharing the evening with us, it was a pleasure to have spent time with some old friends and wonderful to have met  new ones.

This coming up season of spring and summer are going to see some interesting and exciting blog entries for Jeff Hein and his paintings.  I am looking forward to it, as I know you are! Until then, have a great weekend, and ciao!

American Painting Video Magazine


I’ve been Privileged enough to be included on the spring issue of American Painting Video Magazine. I am in good company in this issue. Painter Michael Klein is the creator of this magazine and it is sponsored by Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine. Klein is an incredible painter who has sacrificed his own painting time to travel, film and edit this video magazine. He tells me it is a passion project for him in order to bring what he considers to be the best living painters to one location for us. If a man of his caliber believes in it that much, you artists and collectors out there ought to give it a look and support the cause. Its just 10 bucks an issue.

Check it out here

Jeff's Interview with American Painting Video Magazine

Jeff Hein met up with Michael Klein, artist and creator of the American Painting Video Magazine based online, in his studio today.  This site began as Michael’s project to bring together all of the artists that he admired into one place. This is Michael’s current passion, and he has already met,  recorded,  and talked to 20 some other artists of high caliber and talent. Michael started off the interview with photos and small recorded clips  of  Jeff painting on his large still life.  Michael then set up several cameras for longer periods of painting and recording and later sat down to interview with Jeff Hein.  There were many interesting points to the interview, of which I will leave to Michael to put together, however I will say a bit about what Jeff had to say about teaching his students. He told Michael that teaching is a passion of his.  When asked if he felt responsible to pass on his knowledge because of his teachers, Jeff said it was not due to feeling responsible since he was mainly self-taught, but rather  Jeff loves teaching as it allows him to share that which he felt he was lacking in his own art  education and had to learn on his own.   Jeff loves having students near him, for the conversations, the social interaction and the exchange, and how they become his portfolio in a way, and their successes are his successes.  He loves to see them thrive in their art.

Several, of the many artists Jeff Hein admires are  Jacob Collins, Jeremy Lipking, Rembrandt and Velázquez, but also interestingly, abstract color field artist, Barnett Newman.  Jeff feels that you should be able to stimulate emotion thru design without content first, and then add content and subject, that is strong art with impact.

Jeff will be a part of a group show “Hope and Fear” sometime this year hosted by the Springville Museum of Art.  It’s going to have some really amazing talent alongside him, Steven Assael among others will be apart of the show. I will be sure to post more information on it as the time comes closer and details are congealed more.

Until the morrow, good night!

link:  American Painting Video Magazine

link :  Michael Klein’s website