Jeff Hein's Current Painting

Today at the studio, Hein Academy of Art student, Heather Rison, snapped some quick photos of Jeff working on his current painting of his assistant, Lis. The painting has a similar theme and process as “Life #1”, with colored lighting on the side of the face and an animal in the hands of the subject.
Also, I hope you all notice the little parakeet sitting on Jeff’s shoulder… We have another studio pet! This little guy will be featured in the painting as well. More pictures to come!




"Life #1" – New Painting by Jeff Hein

Jeff Hein’s latest work, “Life #1” has been completed at sent off to Quidley and Company in Boston for a group figurative show.¬†¬†Jeff’s philosophy of working from life certainly hasn’t compromised here, not to mention the live snakes and rabbits… The amount of patience, dedication, skill, and creativity has been incredible for those around him to observe and feel a part of. We all look forward for seeing what Jeff creates next.


"Life #1" by Jeff Hein - Oil